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A lot of things to do

I just saw that there is just one week left before we will travel to The Netherlands. I also saw that my agenda is fully booked with really a lot of appointments and meetings. In between the new sofa will come and the alarm will be installed. This will give us hopefully a safer feeling. I also have to prepare my paintings for the exposition which will start after the holiday. And there will be two meetings at school about the progress of our sons. Well, it is good to feel that I am alive. At Friday I will pack ...

Quite a heavy job.

My husband is at the harbor. He is making our sailing boat ready and tomorrow the boat will go in the water again. He cleaned the hull of the boat with some special products and that is quite a heavy job. Yesterday he came home with some neckache. And he is happy that he did not had to do so much today. When the boat is in the water we can make her ready for the season. I bought some new sheets and some things for in the kitchen. Some of my things in the kitchen were too old and ...